Pre and Post Meetings ISHAM 2018 

It is a pleasure to announce you the Pre en Post Meetings of ISHAM 2018.
More information about the programs will follow soon.
Please note: You have to register for the pre and post meetings during you registration for ISHAM 2018. 

Thursday 28 - Friday 29 June 2018
Workshop Onygenales: venue to be defined

Conveners: Sybren de Hoog, Marcus Teixeira 
Price: 75  EUR 

Thursday 28 - Friday 29 June 2018
Workshop Veterinary Mycology: Amsterdam, RAI 
Conveners: Amir Seyedmousavi, Jacques Guillot 
Price: 75 EUR 

Friday 29 June 2018
Histopathology Course: Utrecht, University Medical Centre
Convener: Henrik Jensen 
Price: 50 EUR

Saturday 30 June 2018 morning
Biosafety & shipping course: Amsterdam, RAI
Convener: Francis Begthel-Claus 
Price: 40 EUR 

Saturday 30 June 2018
CPAnet meeting: Amsterdam, RAI
Convener: Ana Izquierdo 
Price: to be defined 

Saturday 30 June 2018
GAFFI / WHO: Amsterdam, RAI
Convener: David Denning  
Price: to be defined

Wednesday 4 July - Thursday 5 July 2018 
Workshop Black Yeasts: Amsterdam, RAI 
Conveners: Sybren de Hoog, Katja Sterflinger 
Price: 75 EUR

Wednesday 4 July - Friday 6 July 2018 
Workshop Malassezia: Utrecht, Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute
Conveners: Teun Boekhout, Tom Dawson 
Price: 75 EUR