International Society for Human and Animal Mycology


ISHAM is a world wide organization that represents all clinical scientists and fundamental researchers with interest in fungal diseases. ISHAM is an independant society that is non-political and non-discriminatory. It exists solely to encourage and facilitate the study and practice of all aspects of medical and veterinary mycology.

The Society aims to make recent developments in mycology available to everyone. We particularly try to help those who don’t have sufficient means to participate in these developments, and therefore wish to devote a share of our resources to young mycologists and workers in developing countries.

was founded in 1954 at the VII International Congress of Botany with 150 members and has subsequently expanded to become an international body representing more than 1000 individuals who work professionally with fungal diseases and pathogenic fungi. 

Twenty three national medical mycology associations are affiliated with ISHAM. The society is a properly recognized non-governmental affiliate of the World Health Organisation. It sustains a co-operative working relationship with the International Mycological Association and the Mycology Division of the International Union of Microbiological Societies.

The aims of the organisation are:

       To facilitate on an international basis the exchange of ideas and information and provide assistance pertaining to medical and veterinary mycology,
To publish the journals Medical Mycology and Medical Mycology Case Reports as a means of providing society members recent clinical and basic research information.
To organize an international congress at least once every three years.