Saturday 30 June 2018

Biosafety & shipping course:
Location: Amsterdam, RAI
Price: 40 EUR  

Shipping of pathogenic materials is becoming difficult, subjected to many regulations. What are the conditions to get your clinical sample or strain to a reference lab for expert identification? Is it still possible to exchange materials for epidemiology and joint research? In this 3-hour intensive course, Mrs Francis Bergtel-Claus, will explain the shipping regulations of dangerous goods and requirements.  

Program overview:

What are Dangerous Goods?
Classification of types of goods
Packaging and labellingDual use organisms

The course will be given 09.00–12.00 AM on 30 June in the RAI Congress Center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Course fee: € 40,–. Registration is compulsory via the website

Mrs Francis Bergtel-Claus is head of the Sales Department of the reference collection Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures (CBS) which is housed at the Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute in Utrecht, The Netherlands.